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  1. Show Any runner who can qualify will display the runners who can have already qualified AND those who can still qualify by running remaining races.
    Small icons are listed beside the average points to indicate the runner's qualification status: qualified, can qualify, cannot qualify.
    Qualifying average points are displayed in bold.
  2. Show All runners will also include runners that cannot qualify for ranking under the VIRA point rules.
  3. Show Only qualified runners will display only the runners that have qualified by running the required number of races.
  4. Points displayed in Green have been used to calculate the average points. These points are selected based on the VIRA point rules.
  5. Some older seasons do not have enough data to compute the points table. In this case the table will appear blank.

Rules as stated on the VIRA - Island Series Web Site:

Individual – Each runner's time will be recorded and points awarded according to performance.
To qualify for Series Awards:
  • Runners must run a minimum of five races
  • The five best scores (including at least one race over 10K) will be averaged to determine series standings
  • Runners in the 16-19 category will have the three best scores of all races
  • Runners in the 15 and under category will have the two best scores
  • Runners under 20 or 70 and over do not have to run a race longer that 10K to qualify for Series awards

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