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Race Results for Vancouver Island

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Recent Results

2016-10-23Cowichan Autumn Classic 10K
2016-10-23Cowichan Autumn Classic Half Marathon
2016-10-23Perseverance 11K Moutain Run
2016-10-23Perseverance 3K X-Country Romp
2016-10-16Miracle Beach 10K
2016-10-16Miracle Beach 5K
2016-10-09Victoria 8K
2016-10-09Victoria Half Marathon
2016-10-09Victoria Marathon
2016-10-09Victoria Marathon Relay
2016-09-04MEC Victoria: Best Getter 10K
2016-09-04MEC Victoria: Best Getter 15K
2016-09-04MEC Victoria: Best Getter 5K
2016-09-03Meet 4
2016-08-28Run the Rock 8K
2016-08-28Run the Rock Half
2016-08-28Run the Rock Marathon
2016-08-13Mt Washington Long Course (map)
2016-08-13Mt Washington Short Course
2016-07-16Transfer Beach Long Course (map)

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Upcoming Races

2016-10-29Monster Run 5KVictoria
2016-10-30MEC Victoria: The Grand Banana 10KElk Lake, Victoria
2016-10-30MEC Victoria: The Grand Banana 5KVictoria
2016-10-30MEC Victoria: The Grand Banana Half MarathonVictoria
2016-11-11Thetis Lake 20K RelayThetis Lake Park, Victoria
2016-11-26Gunner Shaw Cross Country ClassicThetis Lake Park, Victoria
2016-12-10Stewart Mountain 10 Mile Cross CountryThetis Lake Park, Victoria
2016-12-10Stewart Mountain 5 Mile Cross CountryThetis Lake Park, Victoria

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Top Performances

2016-10-09#GRRLS Gone Canadian100%
2016-10-09Maria Zambrano92%
2016-04-24Lucy Smith92%
2016-03-06Marilyn Arsenault92%
2016-04-24Daniel Kipkoech91%
2016-04-24Christopher Cheruiyot91%
2016-04-24Paul Kimugul91%
2016-03-06Nancy Baxendale91%
2016-01-10Natasha Wodak91%
2016-10-09David Guss90%
2016-04-24Solomon Rotich90%
2016-04-24Emily Setlack90%
2016-04-03Les Disher90%
2016-01-10Rob Watson90%
2016-01-10Kevin O'Connor90%
2016-04-24Jane Murage89%
2016-01-10Chris Winter89%
2016-01-10Brandon Lord89%
2016-01-10Craig Odermatt89%
2016-10-09Elizabeth Waywell88%

Based on best age/gender graded performance over previous 12 months.

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Age/Gender Defiers

2016-10-23Richard LightAge8:27
2016-10-23Chris O'GradyAge3:37
2016-10-23Bruce MacKenzieAge5:11
2016-10-23Amanda JohnstonGender0:01
2016-10-23Lori WarwickAge0:03
2016-10-23Chad JohnstonAge2:27
2016-10-23Sandra MullenAge1:48
2016-10-16Keith WakelinAge2:04
2016-10-16Mandy JohnsonAge0:14
2016-10-16Barbara PolehoykieAge2:46
2016-10-16Kris HoppingAge1:15
2016-10-16Karen MelansonAge0:34
2016-10-16Lynn TannerAge3:21
2016-10-09Bruce DeaconAge0:38
2016-10-09Craig OdermattAge0:30
2016-10-09Mark CrydermanAge0:13
2016-10-09Lindsay CarsonGender0:09
2016-10-09America AznarAge0:13
2016-10-09Susan GordonAge1:05
2016-10-09Jane CampbellAge1:47

Based on races during previous 12 months.

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Prolific Racers

Gary Duncan21
Jerry Hughes19
Matthew Winkler19
Brenda Niziol18
Robert Butterworth15
Pete Langelo15
Mike Winship15
Hedieh Fallah15
Clay Jackson15
Angela Puszka14
Tristan Story14
Peggy Sherwood14
Shelley Dyson14
Eric Sherwood14
Rob Hare13
Kylyn Athey13
Trish Laliberte13
Breanne Cotton13
Jennifer Smith13
Shannon Radford13

Based on races during previous 12 months.

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