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Race Results for Vancouver Island






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Race Results for Vancouver Island

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Vancouver Island Race Series

All VIRA Races | Individual Points | Club Points

Recent Results
2017-04-14Fletcher's Challenge
2017-04-09Cedar 12K
2017-04-08Cobble Hill Long Course
2017-04-08Cobble Hill Short Course
2017-04-08Esquimalt 5K
2017-04-02Port Alberni Paper Chase
2017-03-26MEC Victoria Race TWO: Pace Setter 10K
2017-03-26MEC Victoria Race TWO: Pace Setter 5K
2017-03-19Comox Valley Half Marathon
2017-03-12Sooke River 10K
2017-03-11Time Change Night Trail Race (Spring Edition)
2017-03-05Bazan Bay 5K
2017-02-19Hatley Castle 8K
2017-02-12Hypothermic 10K
2017-02-12Hypothermic Half Marathon
2017-02-11Copley Ridge Night Trail Race
2017-01-22Cobble Hill 10K
2017-01-15MEC Victoria Race ONE: The Rust Buster 10K
2017-01-15MEC Victoria Race ONE: The Rust Buster 5K
2017-01-08Pioneer 8K

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Upcoming Races
2017-05-06Mt Tzouhalem Long CourseDuncan
2017-05-06Mt Tzouhalem Short CourseDuncan
2017-05-07Ladysmith Elemental 5km RunLadysmith
2017-05-13Cumby 23KCumberland
2017-05-13Cumby 50KCumberland
2017-05-13Elk/Beaver Ultra 100KVictoria
2017-05-13Elk/Beaver Ultra 50 MileVictoria
2017-05-13Elk/Beaver Ultra 50KVictoria
2017-05-14Oceanside 10KParksville
2017-05-14Oceanside 5KParksville
2017-05-28Oak Bay 10KOak Bay

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Course Records
2017-04-09Aimee PerryDivisionF01-15
2017-04-09Luke SpycherDivisionM01-15
2017-04-09John WoodallDivisionM85-89
2017-04-09Maree KennellDivisionF75-79
2017-04-08Richard BirksDivisionM30-39
2017-04-08Trevor CoeyDivisionM40-49
2017-04-08Alison BishopFemale
2017-04-08Pete LangeloDivisionM50-59
2017-04-08Shauna HugginsDivisionF30-39
2017-04-08Kelly CampoDivisionF40-49
2017-04-08Will HarrisDivisionM16-19
2017-04-08Barbara Hyde-LayDivisionF16-19
2017-04-08Mike BourcierDivisionM70-99
2017-04-08Chris FraserDivisionM40-49
2017-04-08Clara ChudleyDivisionF01-19
2017-04-08Mena WesthaverDivisionF40-49
2017-03-19Nancy BaxendaleDivisionF55-59
2017-03-19Will RiceDivisionM01-15
2017-03-19Michael EllisDivisionM80-84
2017-03-19Jim McLeanDivisionM85-89


Age/Gender Defiers
2017-04-14Carey MarkAge5:11
2017-04-14Cheryl DaviesAge3:44
2017-04-09Mark CrydermanAge4:46
2017-04-09Shane RuljancichAge3:35
2017-04-09Jerry LoebAge1:32
2017-04-09Danny KeyesAge4:04
2017-04-09John CatterallAge0:25
2017-04-09Yanna DebelicAge5:57
2017-04-09Brian ConnonAge1:58
2017-04-09Marcia JansenAge3:37
2017-04-09Charlene WaldnerAge2:11
2017-04-09Jessica MichalofskyAge0:22
2017-04-08Brent ScottAge0:30
2017-04-08Alison BishopGender13:33
2017-04-08Brittany BrooksGender8:15
2017-04-08Laura Li Foa WingGender5:14
2017-04-08Bailey ToupinGender5:10
2017-04-08Clara ChudleyGender0:14
2017-04-02Reg WillickAge0:01
2017-04-02Carolyn CoffinAge0:37


Personal Bests (PB)
2017-04-09Peterson Perrin12 km44:27
2017-04-09Felipe Edora12 km44:30
2017-04-09Danny Keyes12 km46:36
2017-04-09Cory Ramstead12 km47:20
2017-04-09Yanna Debelic12 km50:53
2017-04-09Marcia Jansen12 km53:13
2017-04-09Mark Shier12 km55:25
2017-04-09Ben Marrs12 km55:41
2017-04-09Michelle Stroulger12 km56:05
2017-04-09Nikki Jomha12 km57:27
2017-04-09Pat Wade12 km57:57
2017-04-09Justin Graham12 km59:17
2017-04-09Angela Puszka12 km59:25
2017-04-09Shawn Porter12 km1:00:02
2017-04-09Val Chura12 km1:03:01
2017-04-09Brenda Niziol12 km1:03:32
2017-04-09Nigel Barrett12 km1:05:20
2017-04-09Cindy Blackmore12 km1:06:34
2017-04-09Dale Luxford12 km1:06:52
2017-04-09Shell Harvey12 km1:07:22


Age/Gender Grades
2017-03-05Lucy Smith92%
2016-10-09Maria Zambrano92%
2017-01-08Lucas Bruchet91%
2016-10-09David Guss90%
2016-10-09Daniel Kipkoech90%
2017-01-08Bruce Deacon89%
2016-10-09Paul Kimugul89%
2017-01-08Justin Kent88%
2017-01-08Rachel Cliff88%
2017-01-08Marilyn Arsenault88%
2016-10-09Jillian Fong88%
2016-10-09Elizabeth Waywell88%
2016-10-09Thelma Wright88%
2017-03-05Craig Odermatt87%
2017-01-22Erin Burrett87%
2017-01-22Roslyn Smith87%
2017-01-08Geoff Martinson87%
2017-01-08Hilary Stellingwerff87%
2016-10-09Jim Finlayson87%
2016-10-09Neil Holm87%


Prolific Racers
Gary Duncan27295 km
Brenda Niziol22223 km
Matthew Winkler22176 km
Rob Grant21244 km
Mike Winship16187 km
Justin Graham16154 km
Shannon Lebeuf15212 km
Robert Butterworth15188 km
Sarah Lindstein15161 km
Cindy Todd15159 km
Bernice Smith14221 km
Angela Puszka14193 km
Charlene Waldner14177 km
Breanne Cotton14175 km
Brandon Reeder14170 km
Pete Langelo14165 km
Marcia Stromsmoe14155 km
Kathleen Sutherland14136 km
Unknown Registrant14128 km
Christine Thate14127 km